Balance Fitness
Personal Training

Balance Fitness is personal training for all ability levels and ages!

Balance Fitness provides one-on-one, partner and small group training in a fully equipped studio, in the comfort of your home, or the great outdoors! At Balance Fitness the client is guaranteed a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with extensive education, knowledge and longevity in the health & fitness industry that will help the client meet and exceed their personal fitness goals.

Balance Fitness Specializes in:

  • Sport Specific Programs

  • Functional Weight Training

  • Balance & Core Strength

  • Post-Rehabilitation

  • Flexibility Training

  • Indoor Cycling Classes

Balance Fitness is committed to providing you with a safe and effective fitness program that will help you lead a long and healthy life while meeting your individual needs.
Personal Training with a variety of equipment to get you into optimal shape:
-TRX Suspension Trainers
- BOSU Balance Trainer
- Stability Balls
- Balance Boards
- Dumbbells, Tubing, Medicine Balls
- Agility Cones, Jump Ropes and more!

Individual Session

Individual sessions are great for "check-ins'' with clients who are working on their own home or gym training program! An individual session allows for much needed changes to a fitness program to avoid workout plateaus as well as an opportunity for form and technique adjustments. An Individual session is also a perfect way to transition clients into one of our many Fun & Challenging Group Classes like TRX Challenge, 30/30  Cycling TRX, Indoor Cycling or Circuit Training!  

Personal Training Package

A Personal Training Package is the most cost effective way to personal train and is recommended for clients training 1-2x per week on a regular basis.

Partner Training

Partner Training is a cost effective and FUN way to enjoy the benefits of personal training! Train with a spouse, significant other, friend, or colleague, and share the expense of personal training while learning some fun & challenging partner exercises!

Lorie has always been sensitive, encouraging, and creative when working out my personal fitness program. Her background in physical rehab work is an important aspect to my training program. The personal attention shown to me as a client is on a professional level. 
I would encourage anyone of any age and ability to contact Lorie Stokes at Balance Fitness.
Your health, your body, your lifestyle will thank you. -Pam A.